Arouse your long-distance lover with these top tips

When it comes to long-distance relationships, it can be difficult not to fall into boring habits and to maintain desire for play, passion, and exploration.

There can be many reasons why we suddenly want to send that hot message... And if it leads to improvements both in and out of the bedroom, then sending it can only be a good thing!

But can exciting your partner from a distance with only a phone or laptop really be so simple? Modern technology has certainly enabled us to get creative and make foreplay extend across continents. But how exactly does it work? How can we get our lover’s heart racing when we’re nowhere near them?

woman in underwear sends a message with her mobile phone

Here’s a list of all the tools and tips you need to arouse your long-distance lover.


Sexting has increased hugely in recent years, due in part to the pandemic, which forced many lovers to stay far away from each other, and new technologies which have allowed us to communicate digitally from almost anywhere in the world. While physical contact is a crucial and healthy part of a relationship, great satisfaction and connection can be found in sexting. Often, people feel less self-conscious and more uninhibited behind a screen, causing sexting to be a space where couples can try new things together, and individuals can explore secret fantasies.

woman in sexy lingerie sitting on the floor sends a message with her phone

But what are the sexting rules?

First of all, if you’re sexting with a stranger on, for example, one of the many popular online platforms (including, where you can sext as well as sell your underwear!), don't forget to protect your privacy. Maintain anonymity if it's appropriate, and don't forget to disable message preview on your smartphone. Someone might peek in and see a notification that’s for your eyes only! Sexting is an amazing tension-builder, so take it step by step and enjoy letting your desire increase. If you know they’re into it, you can surprise your lover with a hot message when they least expect it.

Raise the temperature by playing with images of yourself in real time. Take sexy photos, but always leave room for the viewer's imagination. If you are in doubt about how to take the best photos, check out irresistibly sexy photo tips.

The hot video call

woman in black underwear sitting on the bed during a video call

Tired of boring video-calls that seem to last forever? Well, now’s the time to turn video-calling around and start using it to spice up your sex life. There are many apps and platforms that let you interact with your partner, or, if you’re feeling naughty, a stranger, in real time from your laptop or phone. Relax and ease into the voyeuristic and exhibitionist joys of erotic video-calls!

Remote-controlled sex-toys

The fact that sex toys are a huge benefit to partnered and solo sex is no secret. But did you know that sex toys can also be used to amp up the heat long-distance? In fact, there are a huge range of long-distance, app-controlled sex toys on the market that are designed with far apart lovers in mind. How do they work? Via a connected app, your partner can turn your sex toy on, change its vibration intensity, and perform many other functions, all while you wear it. Get ready to thank the wonders of technology. But remember to tell your partner to activate it in an appropriate place. The office? At your own risk…

sexy woman in office smiles as she leans against desk

Tease them with your perfume

Valentine's Day, the holiday that celebrates love in all its forms, is getting closer. Impress your lover with a really hot gift that smells of you!

woman lying on bed pulls off red panties

We already know that scent and lust go hand in hand. So, how can you tease your lover with your scent from a distance? Used underwear is a great gift for anyone who wants to feel close to you by touching something that intimately smells like you. Does posting your used underwear seem impossible? Used underwear transactions are made safely and anonymously every day on Join now to discover a community of real, verified people who are experts at long-distance loving, teasing, and temptation!