Frequently asked questions is the largest marketplace for the sale of used panties, and more. Girls who want to start this business have the opportunity to create a real virtual store, where they can show their articles. Interested buyers, exploring our market, will be sure to find what they are looking for, and buy securely while remaining anonymous. If you have any questions about the site or how to register, check the following list for answers.

  • What is is the meeting place for men and women where they can buy and sell used panties together with other related intimate products.
  • How can I access

    To access the market, you must register here. Select what type of profile you want to create (seller or buyer), and you can start using all available functions of our marketplace.
  • Is a safe site?

    Yes. requires all its users to register, in this way both sellers and buyers are protected. Your pictures will be safe and your data encrypted. You decide how and what you want to show on your profile. Our customer service is there for you if you have any further questions. 
  • Can I be sure that I will always remain anonymous?

    To put it briefly, yes. For us at, protecting your privacy is a mission we carry out every day, so you can enjoy a website that is always safe. We do not collect, store, share or store any personal information.
  • Can other users see my personal data?

    Absolutely NO! Each information is released independently by the individual user who can then freely decide what level of privacy maintain. ALWAYS advise you not to disclose any personal information.
  • I don't want to show my face. How do I do this?

    no one is obliged to show their own face. Many of our sellers never display their faces or recognizable details of their bodies. Each of them freely chooses the type of photo to upload.
  • Is a percentage of sales retained?

    No. offers a safe place to its users, allowing them to get in touch while protecting their privacy. Sellers then make the most of their sales.
  • How do I sell my used panties?

    In order to sell your used panties you need to create an account. Once created, your profile will provide you with the tools you need to publish as many ads as you like.
  • How much does keep from my sales?

    Nothing, does not take any percentage on sales and the profit obtained is 100% of the seller.
  • How can I make my shop more popular?

    by being difference and highlighting your personal style! You have to find the right balance that allows you to make yourself known to the buyer while respecting the level of privacy you want. Specify what makes you different from others, the adventures you have experienced in your underwear and what a potential buyer will receive with your shipment. The more photos and details you share, the more likely you are to build a solid base of loyal followers. You can also share your store's link with other social groups you're already part of.
  • How do I buy used panties?

    First, create a "buyer" profile on Once you have registered you will have free access to our marketplace where you will find hundreds of ads and girls' contacts, with which you can talk and define the purchase.
  • How do I make a payment?

    Payment terms are agreed between the buyer and seller in each transaction. If you need a secure payment method, we recommend services like Paypal or Skrill. These allow you to send and receive money without sharing any personal details - only an email address.
  • How can I receive purchased products while protecting my privacy?

    Shipping and payment terms are agreed between the buyer and seller in each transaction. If you’d prefer not to reveal your home address, you can request the package be sent to a collection point instead.
    Read our article here for more information.