How to give a sensual massage they'll never forget

Are you preparing for a romantic date and would like to end the evening with a sensual massage? Do you need to rekindle a sex life that has lost its spark or just want to try something new?

Whatever the reason, an erotic couples massage is a fun and sexy way to ignite passion and connection and take an evening in a hot direction. The first step? Learning how to do it right.

Here are sensual massage tips that will ensure your partner doesn’t forget the evening in a hurry.

couple on the bed treats themselves to a relaxing massage

1. Create the atmosphere!

A top tip? Don’t start a massage without preparing the space. It’s hard to relax in a room full of mess. Start by cleaning, tidying and making sure you won’t be interrupted by roommates or mobile phones.

Pay attention to temperature. It shouldn’t be too cold, otherwise muscles won’t be able to relax, and too much heat could make the massage a test of endurance or a sauna. Around 25 degrees is an ideal relaxation room temperature.

Relaxing music, soft lighting, a few scented candles and a glass of prosecco help create a soft and sensual mood.

2. Don't forget to use massage oil.

Don't have one on hand? Leftover suntan oil from your last holiday may be the solution! Alternatively, coconut oil does wonders for the skin and feels amazing.

Pay attention to the temperature of your hands. Cold hands on bare skin on bare skin does not feel good. Warm them by rubbing them together with the same oil you’ll use for the massage. This will make them soft and warm to the touch.

3. Take it easy!

a woman gives a man a massage

Remember that your partner expects a relaxing massage. Everything else (wink) will likely follow, but don't rush to make it sexy. Concentrate on your partner’s relaxation and let what happens, happen, like 'outercourse, a practice that is about sensual moments that don’t include penetration.

You can start in a normal way from the back, warming up the body with caresses along the shape of their body, before increasing the pressure and allowing the muscles to relax.

You can start at the back but don’t ignore other body parts. Pay attention to the erogenous zones (e.g. neck, thighs, lower abdomen and feet). Gradually massage around their genitals, but don’t touch them too soon.

The backside? Not everyone is comfortable with having this body part rubbed. You can softly ask them or gently stroke the area and watch for a positive or negative/uncomfortable response. If they don’t like it, move on to other areas.

4. Start using your mouth

man kisses a woman's neck

When things start to get… heated, your mouth can be a valuable ally. You can kiss, lick or even nibble their body where you know they like it.

5. Remember that it is a relaxing massage.

There’s no need to act like a professional masseur. Your job is not to click their body or hone in on points of tension. When you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, this can cause damage instead of benefit and be the opposite of relaxing.

Enjoy the moment and let your partner surrender to you.

A good massage is all about being in the moment. Focus on their body and their sensation, and let themselves submit totally to your hands. You never know what pleasures this sensual mindset will bring.

6. If you hear snoring...

Your massage worked! But maybe not in the way you hoped. But don’t worry, you still gave them great pleasure, showed off your skills and gave them the energy to return the favour.

woman gives partner a massage in bed

Run and tidy up your room and look for your favourite oil. Tonight could be the night.