Foot fetishism: The pleasurable power of feet

Fetishism means intense love or fixation on a particular object. So, foot fetishism is the love of feet and ankles! Where does this affection for feet come from? Here’s everything you need to know about the foot fetish.


The end of a woman's crossed legs and feet in striped trousers and black heeled sandals

What is a foot fetish?

"A certain degree of fetishism is habitually present in normal love”"

S. Freud

The truth is, no one knows where it comes from! Feet fetishists themselves can’t explain why they have a thing for feet. Despite this, so many of us have experienced the erotic power of a foot.

Like how every kinkster’s kink is unique, every foot fetishist will be drawn to feet for a particular reason. For some, seeing feet controlling the pedals of a car will make them full of desire. For others, massaging a lover’s foot with scented lotion is the ultimate form of foreplay.

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For some time, scientists have been delving into the world of fetish, and trying to figure out humankind’s most common fetishes and sexual kinks. A study titled "Relative prevalence of different fetishes" found that foot worship is the most common fetish.

History shows feet fetishism goes back centuries

If we go on the hunt for signs of foot worship in history, we don’t have to look hard. Historically, Asian cultures have tended to show the most appreciation for feet. Geishas were known to bind their feet from a young age in an attempt to decrease their size, as small feet were considered attractive.

Black and white vintage image of a man putting on a woman's shoe for her

In Japan, as we underwear-lovers know, the most common fetish was Burusera. In other words, used panties!

Feet fetishism has not diminished through the centuries. In fact, it’s grown stronger! And modern technology and media have allowed fetishists to share and indulge in new ways.

This fetish is so common that Wikipedia defines it as an aspect of human sexuality. It is a part of our humanity. So much so that the fetish has featured heavily in works of major artists and poets of the past.

Feet under the Instagram spotlight

As we mentioned, new media forms have given fetishists a chance to share their fantasies and enjoy feet in a whole new way. Instagram has become an exhibition space for beautiful feet. There are endless profiles dedicated to worshipping this body part. And it’s now possible to become a professional “foot influencer”.

Foot fetish page on Instagram

Telling your partner about your fetish

If you think you’ve got a feet fetish and you’re worried about telling your partner, don’t be!

Good communication makes good sex. If you want to get the most benefits out of sex,start a conversation with your partner about fantasies, likes and dislikes in the bedroom. You want to make feet part of the intimacy.

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If you’re feeling shy, you could say you spoke to a friend or watched the involvement of feet in an erotic video, and you’re curious to try it.

Your partner wants you to be happy and will likely be open to trying new things. Once you’ve established your desires and boundaries, you can start exploring together. Who knows, maybe they’ll discover their own feet fetish! What is a foot fetish if not something to be shared?

Getting feet involved in sex

The ultimate sexy foot move? The classic “foot under the table”. Start the foreplay early (and enjoy a bit of exhibitionism) by caressing your partner’s thigh under the table on your next date night.

After heating up the restaurant, you can move on to the real foot foreplay. A foot massage is a great way to start. If the idea of rubbing your partner’s foot in such an intimate way excites you, then you can offer them the first massage. Set the mood, get your partner relaxed, get oils, music and make the moment special.

If you’re both enjoying the foot massage, you can take it up a notch by moving from hand to mouth. Does the thought of having your toe sucked make you feel worried, or excited? If you’re in the worry camp, we understand. But it should make you feel excited!

Feet and toes are full of pleasurable nerve endings that make you feel really, really good when stimulated.

And the intimacy of having a partner give pleasure to your foot, and get pleasure from it themselves, is something else.

If your partner’s more of a foot-lover than you, and you decide you want to, you can give them a real treat with a footjob. Build up to it with your usual foreplay, and then involve your feet when stimulating their genitals. They won’t know how to thank you.

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