How to send or receive a parcel without revealing my address?

Many of the users at worry about their anonymity when sending a package. Sometimes the sellers don't want to reveal their address or even prefer not to give their real names. Also from some of the buyers, they make their purchases with a private profile and don't provide any detail or reveal their locations. 

As we always defend, privacy first. We want to remain as the private platform it has been born to be, so this is why we always research new methods that help our users to enjoy without worrying about anything else.

We have collected several ways for you to send your parcels anonymously. First, you have to consider the size of the letter you will post. Usually, most of the items you will sell at will fit into a standard letter envelope. This is also important for you, to save money when sending any item, just because packages are usually more expensive to ship. According to the Royal Mail indications, there two types of letters:

  • Standard letter: 24x16.5x0,5 cm and a maximum of 100 grams.
  • Large letter: 35.3x25x2,5 cm and a maximum of 750 grams.

You will quickly find the best solution for your garment. At the time you know the weight and size of your product, you can immediately know the price of your shipment.

However, we reach the point when you need to enter some data to send the parcel. As a sender, you don't need to include a return address in the postal item, as in UK are not necessary. You will need to add only the sending details.

There are also some buyers that prefer not to reveal their identity, so the best solution is to get a P.O. Box Address.

What is a P.O. Address?

A P.O. Adress is n address that will be assigned to you but will be only identified with a postal code or reference, without appearing your details (as name or personal address).

Many companies provide this service within the UK, and you can easily get one even online. Royal Mail or UPS are just a few examples to get yours and make your shipments arrive to you quickly and privately.

The best solution is to do a research online to know which are the options that work near to your home, so it will be easier for you to stop by to collect your received letters. Also is a good option to compare all the services, because some services are free, but many others might charge you a fee for the service. In any case, you can use this type of service not only for your panty purchases but also for any other letters that you need to receive in your private life.