How to talk to Panty Buyers and Spot Time wasters.

Hi guys! It’s MimisMusk for here. How are we? I hope everybody is staying safe and well. I am going to talk today to people that are thinking of joining the site as a new seller.

We all started somewhere. I have been doing it for about 2 years I think. Everybody has different techniques, but I thought I would cover all bases and then you can find one that is appropriate for you.

Obviously being established, I don’t often contact new buyers, but we all have to start somewhere. There are listings where you can see who the new buyers are who have come on. If you then want to contact them you can send them a little message, welcoming them to the site and seeing if there’s perhaps anything you can help them with.

Often if anyone likes my profile, sometimes people are shy, I will receive a like and I will then initiate a conversation with them. I will thank them for liking my profile and just see if there’s anything I can help them with, which is often a nice ice breaker because they don’t always want to approach you. But they have liked your profile, so that’s a nice way to do that.

As a new seller obviously the best thing to do is get your bio up. Include some information about yourself. I keep mine pretty personal actually, but you can have as much or as little information on there as you like. I include a face photo, obviously a photo of myself in a couple of panties. I think I’ve got a couple of socks on there too because I do all items, not just panties. I do bras, pants, shoes, socks, etc, and so all of that is listed on my bio.

Then you are going to obviously have conversations with new buyers. They can take various forms. Some of them are very direct, very transactional, straight away they’re saying what they would like and discussing a price and what have you. And that’s great because we are on there as sellers so we don’t necessarily want to spend too much time going through all those and sometimes it makes people feel more comfortable having a very transactional situation.

Know your price structure, know how much you want to charge. If you don’t know, they don’t know! If you seem unsure, they’ll seem unsure! Know your worth, know your product, and set your prices. Obviously, if you want to negotiate that’s entirely up to you at the time. You’ll get a feel for who you want to and who you don’t want to with.

I think politeness goes a long way. If someone’s a bit rough then I would not want to budge on price. But obviously, if I have a like for somebody and I think they’re a nice person then I would be more amenable to that, but that’s up to the individual sellers.

Occasionally you are going to get “The Time-waster”. It’s not a regular occurrence, most people are on here for the right reasons. They want to buy and obviously we want to sell. You will occasionally come up against a time-waster. They’re quite easy to spot. But obviously, as a new seller it’s not the easiest thing to do. I would say if someone is offering you straight away a vast sum of money that’s normally an indication that perhaps this person isn’t completely genuine. Obviously that’s not always! I have got some buyers that do offer over the odds just because you’re a favorite or they enjoy what you do.

But that’s not always the case. So, if they’re offering you a vast sum of money that can sometimes be a little warning. There are also other signs that I would say to look out for, such as if someone is asking you for verification. Now, my profile is verified, it does say it’s 100% verified - as I say I’ve got photographs on there and what have you. I have over 20 reviews, 5-star reviews from previous buyers who are all verifying me in effect.

I don’t need to verify. And if someone asks that I’ll say please just take the time to have a look at my profile. You can see that I am verified and that I have several reviews. I won’t then engage it any further.

Some people also ask for photographs. That’s fine! Sell photographs, they are for sale, this is a buying and selling website. If you want to send a photograph, that’s absolutely fine but don’t feel obligated to do that because you are already verified, you don’t need to do that.

A nice thing to do is to include a photograph of yourself in the item once you have sold it. I would never start to wear an item until I have been paid. That’s a mistake I learned early on.

Make sure you agree your price, make sure you have your money in your Paypal (that’s the preferred site that I use, but obviously whatever is good for you). Then once that’s in, you can start wearing the item. I then take a photograph of myself in the item and send it to the buyer so they can see I am wearing it for them, and that gives them something to enjoy - the wait is half the fun I think, so they can see their item is already being Mimi-mized! Then when they get it they’re even more excited!

Those are a couple of tips on how to spot the occasional time-waster that you get. Like I say, it is a rare occurrence so it isn’t something you need to worry about too much, but it’s good to have those warning signs just in the back of your mind.

And most importantly, have fun on Panty!