Content policy

Restrictions on explicit content

In order to ensure the long-term continuation of our platform, and to continue to host a lively marketplace and inclusive community, we will strictly monitor content in accordance with these lawful regulations and remove content that goes against them. Approved adult content can continue to be shared, advertised, and sold as usual.

Prohibited content

In accordance with current regulations, you cannot upload, post, or share content that refers to or includes:

  • Bodily fluids, including urine, feces, and blood;
  • Underage persons;
  • Offensive or abusive content or hate speech, including racist, sexist, homophobic, or similar remarks;
  • Incest, bestiality, or necrophilia;
  • Lack of consent, violence, or coercion;
  • Alcohol intoxication;
  • Any illegal activity, including drugs, weapons, and trafficking.


In addition, you cannot advertise or sell:

  • Products that derive from body parts, including toenail or hair clippings, skin shavings, and used hygiene items;
  • Sexual fluids, including vials and bottles, used condoms, used sanitary items, and used sex toys.

Accepted content

You can continue to upload, post, advertise, and sell content and products that do not include any of these prohibited items. Accepted content includes:

  • Used clothing, including panties;
  • Custom or premade pictures and videos showing sexual or adult content;
  • Sexting, voice calls, and live camming.