Merry Christmas! MismisMusk 2019 on

Ho ho ho! Hi guys, It's MimisMusk for

How are we all? Is everybody ready for Christmas? Have you thought about the gifts we want to give to people? And maybe to ourselves, a little something… Obviously, is a great place to pick yourself a little something. I can Mimimise something for you!

Today I am here to tell you what is going on in my 2019 selling on

It's been really busy. I had a lot of good responses to the videos, a lot of people messaging to say hi, and that they are enjoying what we are doing. That's been great! We got a lot more girls on the site, which is really lovely.

More girls selling, more girls buying.

I am happy to please all people, all genders.

I have a lot of girls coming to ask for advice. It's nice to be able to mentor people. Obviously, the more girls on the site selling, the better. More variety for everybody.

I have to say that Panty is giving me a confidence boost, which is reflected in my personal life as well. I think it has made me see that people are all shapes and sizes, whether it comes to sellers or buyers.

It is giving me a boost, which just helped me in other areas of my life (if you know what I mean). That has been really fun to explore.

Whatever makes people happy.

Actually, I went to buy some underwear the other day, and the lady at the store told me: "Oh, this will last you for ages, it's really good quality."

And I just said, "Actually, I just don't really need it last a lot of ages."

  • • "Oh, right, how is this?"
  • • I replied: "Well, I am just going to wear it, and send it to somebody to enjoy it…"

She looked a bit shocked at first, but then she laughed and said: "Whatever makes people happy."

And this is exactly how I feel about it.

If there are any items I can help you with, please come to my listing, I have added a lot of things in the last year: I have got heels, stinky flats, sock tights, stockings, obviously panties; thongs that seems to be really popular, some special "time of the month panty," granny panties… any item really.

I am open to special requests, so if you have any kinks that you would like me to try… I am open to suggestions!

I hope that you guys had a good 2019 as I have had, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!