How to squirt? The ultimate guide.

Whether you are a woman or a man, how to squirt is still a big question. Fortunately, we have gathered all the information on squirting so you can be as informed as possible, and, hopefully, give squirting a try.

But, first of all, let's start by clearing up some doubts.

female squirt

What is female ejaculation?

It is important to differentiate between all the confusing terms surrounding this topic. When you do a quick search on squirting, you find a lot of contradictory information and different definitions. So it is important to make a quick clarification of the terms we are going to use: squirting and female ejaculation.

According to several scientific studies, female ejaculation is that whitish, thick, sometimes unnoticeable substance released from the female prostate. It is usually the result of excitement and orgasm.

There are times when this fluid is more abundant. But it can also seem like there is very little of it, as it tends to remain in the vaginal walls. This fluid is secreted by the Skene or "female prostate" glands.

Female Masturbation

What is squirt, and is it actually just urine?

According to some articles we have had access to, it seems that, according to a 2011 study, the components of this liquid were similar to those of urine but very diluted. This is why it doesn't look the same, or even smell the same.

It is true that these articles are almost 10 years old, and that they do not conclusively say why squirting occurs. It is also true that the sexuality of women has been studied little or not at all, compared to that of men.

Therefore, based on the inconclusive scientific information on this subject, and after a hard investigation, we have drawn our own conclusions on how to squirt. So here is the recipe for how to squirt, by yourself or with a helping hand. Literally.

Demystifying squirting.

Whatever the components of the released fluid are, according to all the testimonies collected, squirting is very pleasant. So let's be clear. What's important is the pleasure you experience, not so much what the fluid is made up of.

We are here to play.

First things first. To be able to squirt you have to demystify squirting. To begin with, if the first time you heard about it was in a porn movie, we have come to tell you that on many occasions this is fake. That is, many actresses have recognised that sometimes it's really urine, and they will make it look like they are squirting because of the demands of the script.

Therefore, it's better to find your own technique so you can squirt. On the other hand, while many people say it has to be a big squirt, reality varies. Just as orgasms in every woman are different, so is squirting. Don't think it's always going to be like a fire hose.

Experimentation is the key.

How to squirt: from start to finish.

It's essential to know all the parties involved, so take another look and begin the greetings!

On the one hand, there is your clitoris, which as you well know is only a part of female sexual pleasure. And it’s not only on the outside - it has two branches which extend inside your vagina, too.

Say hello, because your clitoris is going to be a big part of your squirting journey!

Second is your vagina. It's the most important part, according to those lucky people who are regular squirters. Don’t believe us? Follow our instructions and find out for yourself!

Remember not to ignore your body’s other erogenous zones. We just want you to know that both your clitoris and your vagina are the essential components of this masterpiece.

Whether you are alone or accompanied, it is important to be excited. Follow your usual routine, get in tune with yourself or with your partner, and when you get to the stimulation of your genitals, don't forget the clitoris.

Stimulation of your clitoris is essential.

When you are sufficiently excited, we will move on to the next phase: stimulation of your vagina. The important thing is to prepare your vagina by paying attention to your vagina’s inner rings.

If you have more practice in this area it will be easier for you to do it. If this is new to you, try to make small movements as if you are trying to push something out of your vagina. Squeezing your buttocks can help.

Once you are more excited, it’s time to get to the G-spot. Although we will not go into what it is (or argue about whether or not it actually exists), we will assume that everyone here knows what it is. I'll leave you with this picture so you can understand. Yeah, it’s that part.

G Spot

Still confused? The G-spot is that area that gets wrinkled when you turn it on.

You still don't know? No problem. That’s why we’re here.

When you enter the vagina, whatever you use to do it, you don’t have to move simply straight in and straight out. Do a little research.When you’ve entered yourself, move around and find a squidgy area about 3 inches inside the vagina on the wall nearest your belly button - there it is! If you are using your fingers try doing a “come hither” motion, stroking this squidgy area That’s it. It wasn’t so hard to find!

It is true that this is not every woman’s G-spot. Some people argue it does not exist.

Regardless of the opinions and the lack of research into women’s G-spot (wow, more lack of information about women's sexuality), the truth is that many women claim to have more pleasure by stimulating this area.

And here we must point out a difference when it comes to squirting.

Couple making up

Squirting alone or with a partner.

  • Squirting by yourself: if you are masturbating, we recommend that you use a sex toy to access this area.Due to your body posture, it will be more difficult and less comfortable to reach this area with your own hand. There are many dildos on the market prepared to stimulate this area, with the right curvature and shape. Finding the right dildo means you can avoid physical discomfort and masturbate in a more relaxed way.
  • On the other hand, if you are with your partner, and it is the other person who is stimulating you, it is more advisable they do it with a hand. This is because they will be able to be more skilled and experiment with different touches and movements by using their fingers. It is also important to consider this information if you want to know how to make your partner squirt.

Neither a dildo nor a penis are necessarily as effective as fingers. Remember that the shape and curvature of both of these are not adapted to reach this area completely (no offence, it's a natural fact). In addition, using your fingers will allow you to experience other types of sensations and discover a little more about that great unknown: "your partner's vagina".

This is similar to when you see a jacket in a shop from far away that you like. If you don’t get closer and touch it, you won’t be able to fully experience it. This is the same with the vagina. Get close enough and you’ll enjoy all it has to offer.Touch it, it won't bite.

If you choose to use your hands, your index and middle fingers are the most appropriate. Besides enabling you to reach the furthest because they are the longest fingers, you have the most control over these fingers which means you can most effectively use them to play around inside the vagina . And remember, there is still one hand left to stimulate other areas at the same time!

Our advice? Stimulate this area as much as you can. But don’t forget the clitoris!

2 fingerst to reach the G spot

Finish with a squirt.

You know you are about to squirt when you kind of feel like you need to pee.You need to hold on and not stop to go to the bathroom - because squirting is about to happen!

Of course, consider peeing before you have sex. This way we can be sure that this desperate feeling is really a "false warning". (Climaxing with a lot of pee might make for a confusing end to sex!)

If you feel this urge, you will just have to hold on a little longer, until you reach orgasm. Squirting will happen alongside an intensely pleasurable climax that will leave you exhausted.

If you reach orgasm without squirting, don't worry! You can try it again in the future and vary your steps, movements and how you have been stimulated. The important thing is that you are enjoying yourself at all times, and not focussing on squirting. The key is to enjoy the journey!


I can't squirt.

Don't worry if you don't seem able to squirt. According to studies, there are many women who don't experience it, and that's okay. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is not much data on this yet, so maybe nature only gives some women the ability to squirt.

You now know exactly how to squirt, so it's just a matter of trying and figuring out what works for you. In the meantime, you will be enjoying numerous orgasms. And what can be bad about that?

In any case, squirting is just one more way to experience an orgasm, and it is no worse or better than any of your previous orgasms. Squirting allows you to experience something a bit different, so you can have variety in your sex life, without becoming Niagara Falls.