Shipping my worn knickers

Hi folk, it’s MimisMusk. I have been asked to give you guys a bit of information about how I packaged and send out my panties.

I have a couple of different methods, a couple of different packaging, depending on what the people would like.

Generally, if it is just panties, I will send out a standard white envelope. I also have another option, a larger pink envelope that works as a package.

I usually have a flat fee for all my items, I charge 20GBP for all my items. Then, if there is something else that somebody wants me to do specifically, I can alter that for them, but the postage is wiped out depending on where people are. Because obviously, I shipped it all over the world because it will not be fair for somebody who’s based in the UK, the same that I am, to pay an international ship. The price won’t be the same as somebody that is based in another country.

If I have to send a larger item, like a tie, shoes, or even bigger panties, like the ones I show on the video, then I will put them in the large envelope.

For a white thong, that is a really popular item, it’s just the type of thing I regularly wear, as people seem to like those, then it will go in the small white envelope.

I will also include a little kiss on a piece of paper from my lips.

I address it to the individual, and I like not only the item that has my fragrance but also the envelope. This is why I like to spray it with my perfume, a little bit of jasmine. So if someone would like to buy me a new one, it would be lovely (wink).

The envelope smells like me, and then the item also smells like me! I always put them in a little Ziploc bag, then it keeps it fresh. So when I finish wearing them I take them off, but them in a little bag and then they go either in the envelope or the postage pack.

I generally post from the general post office, and I always do track and sign, so all the buyers know I definitely posted, and everybody feels safe. So you, as a buyer, can trust me and have a reference number and know that I have definitely posted them for you. And I can also know that you have received them.

It happened to me in the past that somebody has told me that have not received an item, but I knew they have been signed for because I had an actual copy of the signature and time of delivery, and then I was able to send that to them, so in this case they knew that somebody in the building have signed for them.

Of course, it is up to them if they want to go and retrieve their package. But also, it is a good tip to consider that if you don’t give me your name, and then later you go to the post office to pick your package up, without a real ID with that name, you will lose it.

Hopefully, this has given you some points on how I send out my things. I am really happy to do it discreetly, so I don’t give my details out. It’s safe for everybody.