How I started on - MimisMusk testimony

Hi guys, MimisMusk here! How are you doing?

Today I have been asked to tell you about how I started.

I first thought about having a face picture, because I know a lot of girls don't like to, but I thought, well I am quite honest, a lot of people know that I do this. And, I thought it's something that makes you look genuine, and people like to know how people really look like. It's just me. Everybody likes something different, so hopefully, people like what I do.

I started just selling a couple of panties. I think I had a couple of thongs, some regular ones, I also had a big pair of granny panties, because we wear those sometimes, and everybody likes different things...

And then, gradually it built up, I progressed to other items, I think I got maybe 70 items available now — quite a few things.

I don't always delete everything that I have sold if I have a similar item, so the people can see the diverse items that I got because obviously, I can not photograph all items that I own.

It really helps people to know the fact that you are approachable, and you are prepared to do custom items. It's a thing that I always enjoy when people come to me with their own ideas and say: "I want this, or maybe can you do that...".

I just recently customized a pair of leggings for somebody, and I know he did really enjoy them.

There is plenty of options that we can add to a collection. It's sometimes other people's ideas, but you need to customize something, other times is an idea that's occurring to me. I might have seen something in my wardrobe that I thought it will be fun, through a friend, or sometimes I just look at what other people are doing, but to know if I am still on the current.

I don't like to copy other people's ideas, I have other girls asking me for help, which is fine. But then, copy the bio is not fine, so it happened to me once, and I asked the girl to customise it, and everything was fine.

It's always nice, it is flattering that people want to take your advice and consider you someone to follow. Still, we are all individuals, so we should not forget that.

I hope that has been helpful for you. See you in the next video!