Interview with Mimis Musk

I am Mimis Musk. I chose my seller name as I used to be an English teacher and I love a little alliteration.

I’m 39 years old, soon to be 40, and I can’t wait! I think women are like wine, we definitely get better with age. I’ve been selling panties since the middle of November 2018, and I love it!

Mimis Musk happy How do you define yourself?

Mimi Musk:I think we’re all constantly changing, so it’s hard to define ourselves definitively, but I’d say I’m an upbeat, happy-go-lucky kinda girl, who always finds the positives in life, and who loves to make other people happy. I’m not religious at all, but I am spiritual, and I think we’re all connected as sentient beings, just as different forms of energy.

As a panty seller, I get great pleasure from knowing that I’m making people all over the world happy. What a fun way to spread a little fun & joy!

P: How do you define yourself as a seller?

M: I’d say I’m pretty much myself as a seller, and that people are getting to know the real me.

P: How did you arrive at Have you been selling panties before being on

M: It’s funny, but I can’t entirely recall how I heard about, but I think I probably saw it online while browsing a ‘fun ways to make money’ article, and it piqued my interest.

Mimis Musk seller used panties
P: How can you define your experience so far?

M: Predominantly I’ve had great experiences on here, although there have been a few people who’ve been unpleasant.

The downside is always the time wasters. Not the people who want to have a chat, I’m totally happy to do that, but the people who tell you they want an item, go through the whole process and then make excuses. I always say, if you’ve changed your mind, that’s fine, please just let me know, so I don’t waste your time or mine.

I’ve loved having newer girls contact me for advice though, as I feel the more genuine sellers there are on here, the better it is for everyone.

Seller Mimis Musk
P: What were your first thoughts when you discover the used panty fetish.

M: My first thoughts were ‘Wow, what a fun way to make money! So many people were able to enjoy me!’.

P: Do you integrate your panty selling into your sexual life?

M: Selling doesn’t really integrate into my sex life much, unless a client has a special request, although being so turned on by some of the requests has definitely been fun!

I’m always careful to make sure that buyers are only getting my musk unless otherwise specified though.

P: Do your relatives, friends or partner know about your panty selling?

M: My partner and a lot of my friends and relatives know what I do, and they’re all very supportive. I don’t think of it as anything to be ashamed of, so it’s no secret.

P: Tell us why do you like to sell your underwear. What do you enjoy the most, what is the most difficult...

M: I love to sell my underwear as I get a real thrill out of people all over the world enjoying me. To know that I’m making so many people happy gives me a great buzz too!

The most challenging thing is sieving through the time wasters, and making sure genuine buyers aren’t delayed

Mimis Musk
P: What positive things has the panty selling brought to you?

M: Panty selling has had a positive effect in so much as I have had some lovely conversations with some genuinely lovely people, and I know I’m bringing them joy. If everyone tried to make other people happy, in even a small way, then the world would be in a better state.

P: How do you see yourself as a panty seller in the future?

M: I’d like to see myself with a loyal fan base, with happy & satisfied customers, and a steady income.