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Red Victoria's Secret Thong Worn by a Famous Model, Playboy Bunny and Maxim Model

Red Victoria's Secret Thong Worn by a Famous Model, Playboy Bunny and Maxim Model

Indulge in the ultimate fantasy with my Red Victoria's Secret Thong, adorned sensually by yours truly, just for you. This exclusive offering brings your desires to life, combining the allure of a Playboy bunny and the elegance of a Maxim model in an irresistible package.

Wear Style:

Picture the possibilities as this enticing thong graces the curves of our alluring model. The delicate strings caress her hips, and the daring cut accentuates her form – a tantalizing fusion of playfulness and sophistication that's perfect for your intimate fantasies.

Add ons:

When and How do you want me to wear them before I send them to you!?

Duration: You choose

Experience the thrill of proximity to seduction with options to suit your desires:

Brief Moments of Ecstasy:

Imagine the electric anticipation as our model wears the Red Victoria's Secret Thong for a photo or a brief video clip.

Every movement, every glance is a promise of intimacy, a stolen moment of desire frozen in time.

Extended Allure: Take your fantasy a step further with an extended wear experience. I can embrace the thong's allure for an entire day, infusing every hour with an undercurrent of sensual mystery. The longer duration allows you to immerse yourself in the captivating world you've envisioned.

Savor the fantasy of a captivating model bringing your dreams to life. The Red Victoria's Secret Thong, worn with finesse and desire, embodies your ultimate fantasies, embodying the charisma of a Playboy bunny and the allure of a Maxim model. It's not just lingerie – it's an invitation to your most intimate daydreams.

date_range 26.08.23
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  • Material Cotton
  • Worn while Masturbation
  • Size S

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